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  • Fusion Grip Tech comes packaged with the new Risk Racing Ergo Wave Grips.
  • High quality, dual compound soft grip with a reinforced grip end and an ergonomically designed grip flange.
  • Patent Pending Fusion Grip Tech Bonding Strips and Fusion Spray Catalyst Fitting System.

Simply peel and stick the bonding strips to your bars.  Then spray the bonding strips with the supplied Fusion Catalyst and easily slip your grip into place.  At first the catalyst acts as a lubricant for easy grip installation, but after it dries it creates a lasting bond.  The entire process is clean and simple.

The ergonomic “wave” on the flange of the grip reduces pressure points between the riders thumb and the grip flange.  Although this patent pending design feature is subtle, it greatly reduces heat and pressure, which reduces blistering and increases rider comfort.