Hi, my name is JD and I am a Buggy Addict!

My wife, myself and my family thank you for checking out our website.
We hope you will give us the honor of serving your off-roading needs.

It all started in 2009, when my then girlfriend, who I am lucky enough to now call my wife, talked me into checking out and buying two go-carts that were in an ad in the local paper. One of these go-carts was an old “1 Wheel Peel” Carter Bros. and the other was a rough looking Manco Silverfox. The Manco was really appealing to me because it had great suspension. Right from the start I was looking at it and thinking about how I could modify it and make it better.

In the meantime, I hit the web, joined some buggy forums and googled away. I discovered the “GY6” buggy. I started crawling Craigslist hunting buggies down. That’s where I found my first 150cc buggy – a Yerf Dog! The same one still own and race today. I quickly acquired three Carter Talons, a Tomberlin Crossfire, another Yerf, a second Silverfox and a 250cc Kinroad. I was hooked! Yep. It was bad!

We began inviting friends over every weekend to ride. We beat the hell out of the buggies and regularly put three or four on a trailer to take home and fix for the next weekend. My garage had turned into a buggy shop. In 2011 we started going on “buggy rides” in places like Tennessee and Georgia, offered through several buggy forums. We met some really great people on these rides. Some of which are some of our best friends to this day. My handle on the forums was “Jersey Devil” which turned into JD for short and it just stuck.

In 2012, my better half and I set a 2013 wedding date. We decided to combine households to eliminate duplicate living expenses. Unfortunately, we lost one of our two garages and needed a place to keep our buggies and our tools. JD’s Custom Buggies was born in August 2012 as a part time business to supplement the income needed to feed a raging buggy and off-roading addiction.

By this time, with a collection of seven running buggies in the family, we needed to have a place to store and work on them. Along with that need came the necessity to pay rent. We started running local ads on Craigslist offering to repair, rebuild and modify buggies. In 2014 we became an authorized dealer for Trailmaster. As demand for our products services started to grow we incorporated ATV’s and bikes into our line-up. We became a became an SSR Motorsports Dealer in 2015 and a DRR USA dealer in 2016.

Now offering an inventory of several different machines, we began carrying more parts, gear and accessories. Not just for buggies, but also ATVs, dirt bikes, pit bikes and UTVs. We added riding gear brands like Fly Racing & Shot Race. Our inventory expanded to carry bike accessories from Mika Metals, ODI, Risk Racing, Torc 1 and Fly Racing & GY6 parts from SSP-G, Ban Jing, Naraku, Hoca, Dr. Pulley and OKO.