Complete Kandi/Roketa 150 Spyder-style buggy slide carb throttle rod kit

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Throttle rod assembly for adapting a slide carb to Kandi/Roketa Spyder-style buggies. Alternatively, for buggies where the throttle stock throttle cable is mounted above the pedal and the pedals that cable down. Will work on the 150cc or 250cc version of the Spyder. This kit includes a newly modified throttle pedal that replaces the stock pedal, includes all the hardware to mount the kit and the cable.

-spyder-style throttle rod assembly kit

-modified replacement pedal

-mikuni (genuine) vm26-606 carb

-aluminum 30mm intake

-velocity stack

-2″ uni filter 2-stage filter pod

-4 main jets (#185, #190, #200, #210)..#195 comes in carb stock

-3 pilot jets (#15, #17, #20)..#22.5 comes in carb stock