Universal Parts GY6 “200cc” 61mm Cylinder Kit for Buggies and ATVs “QMK MOTORS”

LogoUniversal Parts 61mm Cylinder Kit for 161QMK “200cc” GY6 4-stroke engine powered buggies and ATVs with larger cylinder stud spacing than standard GY6 engines (please see specs). Includes cylinder, piston, pin, circlips, rings, chain tensioner gasket, head gasket and base gasket.

  • Bore: 61mm
  • Cylinder Stud Spacing (Diagonal): 79mm
  • Overall Height: 88.75mm
  • Cylinder Sleeve Outer Diameter: 64.25mm
  • Piston Pin Diameter: 15mm
  • Piston Pin Length: 47.5mm

GY6 200cc 161QMK, Various unlisted makes/models


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