Universal Parts Horizontal Honda Style Cylinder & Head Kit (125CC PITBIKE/ATV)

LogoHorizontal Honda Style 4-stroke Cylinder and Head Kit. Choose from 49cc, 110cc, or 125cc in the drop down box.

Kit includes complete cylinder head, cylinder, piston, rings, piston pin, cir clips, head gasket, and base gasket.

  • Choose from 49cc, 110cc, or 125cc
  • 49cc Cylinder Bore: 39mm
  • 110cc Cylinder Bore: 52mm
  • 125cc Cylinder Bore: 54mm
  • 125cc Cylinder Stud Spacing: 69.5mm


Please note: the 125cc kit comes with a black cylinder head. 49cc and 110cc have a silver head.

Various unlisted makes/models


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