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ITP Front Holeshot XCT 22×7-10 Tire – 537047
  • Special rim guard protects wheel and helps prevent air loss
  • Designed to be the most puncture-resistant tires available
  • Holeshot XCT tires add a more aggressive tread pattern to the heavy-duty sidewall design of Carlisles six-time Grand National Cross Country Championship-winning XC tires
  • Taller sized XCT tires make them the perfect sport/trail combo
  • 23 in. front tire is an OEM replacement for Polaris sport models
  • Tube or tubelessSidewall ID Information:
    ITP AT 23×7-10 Holeshot XCTDimensions
    Inflated Width/Measuring Rim Width:
    Inflated Diameter: N/A
    Acceptable Rim Width(s): N/A
    Deepest Tread Depth: 13/32 in.
    Balance Dot: None
    Directional Arrow: NoneCapacities and Construction
    Bias or Radial Ply:
    Load Capacity: N/A
    Maximum Inflation to Seat Bead: 15 Psi
    Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 Psi
    Tread Plies/Material: N/A
    Sidewall Plies/Material: N/A
    DOT Approved for Road Use: No
    Tube or Tubeless: Yes



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