868×24.2×30 Mitsuboshi Belt for 250cc, CF250 – 172MM-B-053000 (HAMMERHEAD/JOYNER 250)

Original stock belt for the CF MOTO 250cc with hi/low transmission. This is the stock belt belt for a Hammerhead SS250 or GTS 250 buggy or any scooter/gokart that has a CF MOTO 250cc with Hi/Low transmission. You can tell because the orignal brand is MITSUBOSHI, a very high-quality belt

CF Moto belt size 868 x 24.2 x 30

This belt will NOT fit the Standard 250cc / GT 250 or CN 250cc buggy. The belt for the GT 250 or CN 250 it is part # 172MM-052700.

Hammerhead Part # 172MM-B-053000
Joyner 250 Sand Viper (2006-) Part # 172MM-B-053000


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