Ban Jing Performance GY6 Variator (GOLD)

Logo Ban Jing 115mm performance variator with light weight forged drive face for 150cc and 125cc 4-stroke GY6 engine based scooters, ATVs and off-road karts.

This variator uses six 20×12 weights to allow for additional movement versus a standard 18×14 weight. Variator kits include a pack of 11g weights. Please see related items for additional 20×12 weights. Normally, 20×12 weights are sold in packs of eight, so you will have left overs.Please note: Variator slides may be red as pictured or yellow. Functionality is the same                                                  .


  • Uses 20×12 Variator Weights! 11g Weights Included
  • Weight of Forged Drive Face: 113 Grams
  • Number of Splines: 19
  • Overall Outer Diameter: 115mm
  • Splined Inner Diameter (peak to peak): 13.5mm
  • Splined Inner Diameter (valley to valley): 15mm
  • For use with 842-20-30 belts

GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157


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